SOAK Essential Massage 60 min $125 90 min $160

Enjoy a relaxing full body massage to unwind from the day’s demands.

Aromatherapy, Scalp Treatment, Hot stone Therapies are highly suggested with this treatment.

Essential Deep Tissue 60 min $125

This massage works the deep layer muscles to reduce tension and fatigue, which will leave you feeling relaxed and functional. *For more extensive treatment, request our SOAK Sport Massage.

Essential Migraine/Headache relief 60 min $125

To relieve the debilitating pain of migraines and headaches, this full body massage uses pressure point release techniques along the upper back and shoulders followed by light stretching applied to the necessary stress areas of the body.

*Scalp treatment, aromatherapy, reflexology, are highly suggested with this treatment.

SOAK Essential Couples Massage 80 min $160

You and your special someone can both enjoy a soothing full body massage in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room. Yes, we will bring the spa to you!

*Hot stones, Scalp treatment, aromatherapy are highly suggested this treatment.

SOAK Sport Massage 60 min $125 80 min $160

A combination of Deep Tissue massage and myofascial release in this intensive treatment, the focus is to release deep muscle tightness and strain through focused body stretch techniques.

* Reflexology, Hot/ Cold stone therapy are highly suggested with this treatment.

Essential Chair Massage (express service) 20 min $30   30 min $45

This massage is performed on an ergonomically designed portable massage chair to focus on the back, neck and shoulders followed by light stretching techniques ideal for on the go stress relief.

* For privacy and convenience request service to your hotel room


Cold/Hot Stone Therapy 30 min $25

As a suitable add on to compliment some of our massage treatments, Hot/Cold therapy is ideal temperature based relief with our Himalayan Salt stones you’ll enjoy such benefits as reduced muscle cramping, electrolyte balance, and increased hydration.

Reflexology 30 min $50-$55

This gentle treatment promotes healing and wellness by stimulating the nerves of the body and encouraging circulation benefits include pain relief, sinus relief, and improved circulation.

Mood Based Aromatherapy $25

Whether Tranquil, Grounded, Beautiful, or Bold Our Essential Oil Blends are designed to achieve your ideal mood.

Scalp Treatment with essential oils 20 min $25

This treatment is deeply meditative, relaxing and nourishing to the scalp and relieves tension.

Body Scrubs/ Wraps 80 min $150

The Good Life

Champagne and rose scrub +oil massage+ facial

Citrus Delight

Mango Pomegranate Scrub + Mango Body Wrap +facial

Green Tea Cleanse

Green Tea Scrub + hydrating body wrap + facial

Sweet Escape

Chocolate scrub+ chocolate oil massage